Business profile

Metalwire, located in Horst (NL), was founded in 1990. What started as a sideline activity has developed into our main activity over the years: the sales of industrial wire in the broadest sense. By now, our company has grown into a modern organisation with a favourably located logistics centre.

Our speciality is supplying industrial metal wire. Metalwire supplies an unprecedentedly broad programme of wires in every conceivable diameter, quality and format. Wires from Metalwire are applied in the most diverse industries around the world.

Moreover, Metalwire has modern machinery at its disposal for carrying out processes such as straightening and cutting, and re-spooling.

Your advantages:

  • You can constantly appeal to our extensive technical expertise for the uses and applications of our wire.
  • You get proper quality for a competitive price.
  • With our permanent stocks, deliveries can be made just-in-time (JIT).
  • You can count on professional, flexible and friendly service.