Galvanized Wire

As far as galvanized wires are concerned, Metalwire's supply programme is very extensive. We supply both hot-dipped galvanized wires and electro galvanized wire. Galvanized wire is available in various zinc layer thicknesses: normally galvanized or heavily galvanized wire. No matter which wire you choose, there will always be a constant zinc layer.

The surface of galvanized wire may vary. If you wish a shiny wire surface, Metalwire is the right place for you. But we can also supply the proper wire for you when you prefer a mat surface. 

The redrawn galvanized wire is characterised by its clean, smooth and shiny surface. Its constancy is also particularly suitable for many processing methods. This wire is often used for the production of complex wire products.

In order to guarantee an even longer life for the wires, Metalwire also supplies Galfan wires. These zinc-aluminium coated wires have a high corrosion resistance due to the addition of aluminium. 

Galvanized wire is available in low-carbon alloys as well as in high-carbon ones. This makes the tensile strength range which Metalwire offers boundless. From soft binding wire to hard spring wire and everything in between: we will provide it. 

We can supply all the types of wire mentioned in a wide range of formats. Examples are spooled coils, rosettes, orbits or catch weight coils. We can also supply cut lengths.

If you have any questions about galvanized wire, please contact Frank Bertrams.