Your Industry

We know the market of industrial wire and maintain intensive contact with the leading wire suppliers and manufacturers. Over the years we have been allowed to supply our products for application in the most varied sectors. To give you an impression: We are a leading supplier in the field of baling wire for the recycling industry. But we supply highly certified stainless steel wire for use in the very demanding medical world just as well. Or we supply 'aesthetically pleasing' types of wire for incorporation into consumer products. We would like to assist you too in finding the right type of wire for your product or end application. 

Mentioned below is an overview of some of the sectors in which the wire from Metalwire has been applied:

Agriculture and horticulture 

Galvanized or zinc-aluminium vine yard wire, also for crops. Galvanized wire for the production of many sorts of wire hooks and wire hangers. We also supply tunnel rods of galvanized wire and galvanized spring wire.

Recycling industry

Baling wire for the pressing of, for example, old paper, cardboard, plastic, textiles, car tires and other waste materials.

Brush industry

Diverse types of wire for, to name a few, industrial brushes, weeding brushes and cleaning brushes.

Construction industry

Wire for e.g. ceiling hooks, cavity anchors, wire nails and screws.


Supply of diverse types of wire to suppliers in the car industry. Examples of end applications: suspension for car seats, wire for incorporation into headrests.

Packing industry

Diverse types of wire for, among others, bucket handles, wire containers and wire for crates.

Furniture industry

Diverse types of wire for chairs. Bright, phosphated, copper plated or galvanized wire for suspension and mesh bases.

Textile industry

Various types of wire for clothes hangers used in dry cleaners, hotels, shops or the consumer market.

Consumer products

Diverse types of wire for medical products, bucket handles, baskets for dishwashers, champagne cork wire and brackets for beer bottles, paint roller handles, lampshades, etc.


Diverse types of wire for application in filters in the chemical industry